Urijah Faber of Team Alpha Male has just instituted new height requirements that will be in effect for all prospective new members of the Sacramento-based training facility.

“We got this cool new sign we put right next to the door. If you exceed the height requirement, don’t even bother coming in.”

Not to exceed or GTFO!

“We felt like the old guard of midgets — er, bantamweights — were being threatened by this new crop of fighters who are taller and just as light. I mean, who needs a five-foot-ten bantamweight? I can’t train with him. Maybe he can get some shit off the top shelf for me, but other than that, who needs ’em?”

When asked about culling the tall guys from their roster, Faber was pensive. “Yeah, I’ve developed relationships with some of these guys and I’d like to keep them around, but rules are rules. I giving them about 6 weeks to find another gym.”

“For the sake of fuck, Roaddog is five-foot-seven. That’s three inches taller than me! That’s almost a dick and a half taller than me!”

Our reporter advised Faber that the average penis length is 5.1 inches at which point Faber promptly ended the interview.

Goddamn, five inches is YUGE!!

He was last spotted at Honest Achmed’s Used Sports Cars.

Wrap ur ass in fiberglass!

Reports claim his penis grew two sizes that day.