UFC Fighter and former Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor recently joined an all-boys choir in Raphoe Diocese in Ireland as he attempts to rehab his bad-boy image.

Conor and the boys practicing Silent Night.

“These fookin pansies always whining about me slapping an old fart or throwing a fookin dolly. For fook’s sake — it’s not like I hit a preggers lass wit me banger or [unintelligible] up me fookin nose. By the way, the geezer should’ve drank me whiskey instead of making me slap him.”

Drink it or GET HIT.

“I think when they get a load of me sangin so sweetly wit the other choir boys, they’ll forget about all the other shit. Here, have a shot of Proper 12 on me, lad.” [Editor’s note: When our intrepid reporter refused the shot, Conor slapped him upside his head.]

Raphoe Diocese was happy to accept McGregor as they attempt to rehab their own image after the recent death of conviced child molester in their ranks reopened old wounds.

Father Greene of Raphoe Diocese could not be located for comment.

He’s dead and burning in Hell (allegedly).

In a related piece, MMA Laundry reporters accidentally stumbled upon a Proper 12 manufacturing facility.

Ignore the label, this stuff is GOOD.