What’s up, bitches?

This is the final event in this season of MMP and probably my final Instant Results™ because it’s not much fun anymore without being able to bullshit with you fellas while the fight is on. If you want these to go on, at least drop me some love in the comments here so I know you’re using it. I don’t visit Mania at all any more, so I have no idea what goes on day-to-day there any longer.

I’ll probably keep doing MMA Laundry, but I’ve got a lot of things going on so I’ll get back to it when I have time.

If you’d prefer to see the older style Instant Results™ (the full screen table), just CLICK HERE.! And remember, these scores are tied to the Playground site — they’ll update when Playground updates. Results should start populating around 5pET (9pUTC).

@FirebringerX and @MMALaundry