Hey, bitches!!!

Good news, my beach house is safe and survived Dorian. Whew. Had me worried there.

I’m perma-banned from Mania, so I’ll just squat here while it’s still fun and while people continue to participate. I should be back to regular posting next week. Maybe not as often as I did the first week…

Funny that I got banned because Lil Duce told his bosses that he warned me (he didn’t) and I “continued to spam links.” I posted maybe a dozen links and got perma-banned. Yup, that’s an offense worthy of permanent banning.

Cool thing is, I was told to fuck off by Tom Myers himself!!! I think I’m starstruck ’cause that’s the guy who started Mania. Well, if you see the little liar (Cory), kick him in the nuts for me. I’m just now getting over my postpartum depression after losing you guys, but I’ll be OK.

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