OK, bitches!! This is my first test of the Instant Results ™ on my new blog, MMA Laundry (mmalaundry.com).

This blog also features a discuss forum based on Disqus — if you already have a Disqus/Twitter/Gmail/Facebook account, you can start commenting here immediately. You can also create a specific Disqus account if you’d like to participate.

Disqus DOES NOT moderate this forum and my comments policy is a lot less strict than the one at Mania, so have fun!!! No banning here 😉

[NOTE: I got banned on Mania. Go figure, never banned on BloodyElbow, but banned on Mania. How times have changed…]

If you’d prefer to see the older style Instant Results™ (the full screen table), just CLICK HERE.! And remember, these scores are tied to the Playground site — they’ll update when Playground updates. Results should start populating around 3aET (7aUTC).

Final note, Funky talked me into joining Twitter. @FirebringerX and @MMALaundry. Might try that during the UFC event…